Early project leadership from Haskell lowered the risk of an evolving project.

When global beverage producer PepsiCo settled on Singapore to build a greenfield concentrate production plant, they knew they needed the right team to meet their safety, quality, and performance goals. The Haskell/PWF partnership started in Cork, Ireland and eventually grew to include partners from around the world, representing 19 different nationalities from 11 different office locations. The first phase of the $130 million SGD ($93 MM USD) investment serves 22 nations in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Early planning and strategic implementation expertise tamed a formidable scope.

The Haskell/PWF team created the basis of design, and eventually all major scopes except for direct purchases and liquid processing were administered by Haskell’s Singapore office including: salts packaging, warehouse racking, material handling;  facility and utilities; wastewater treatment; quality control; construction management, detailed design, sustainability(Greenmark and LEED)  and permitting. The team was able to value-engineer more than $25 million from the early budget estimates to arrive at the final capital budget without affecting the aggressive delivery schedule. Well organized and timely design integration avoided many costly conflicts, with over 4,000 clash detections that were detected and prevented before reaching the jobsite.  

Haskell’s commitment to quality helped navigate a robust permitting process.

A project of this complexity required approvals from over 65 regulatory agencies, ranging from planning and zoning, to building construction, to life safety considerations, to operating permits and final regulatory approval. The team’s patience and attention to design detail allowed the local authorities to properly evaluate the design concepts and partner with Haskell to ensure PepsiCo met their project goals. The project was completed on time, despite three months of rain delays, challenging design requirements, and scope evolution throughout the execution phase. Haskell’s commitment to quality extended to the local suppliers, and the team delivered a nearly impeccable safety rating with only one incident in 1.25 million man hours, measured more stringently than local safety standards.

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