A campus residence hall is home for many students.

Arriving on campus, a prospective student’s first question is almost always, “Where will I live?” It’s often student housing that actually sells the university to a potential student. The University of West Florida wanted a showplace for their students and through Haskell’s design-build process achieved just that.

We matched basics and amenities to create an enviable collegiate lifestyle.

Haskell created a 78,400-square-foot student housing facility with two towers. The facility combines two-bed, three-bed and four-bed units totaling 252 beds, each equipped with a kitchenette and private bath. Common amenities such as study lounges, student lounges, a computer lounge, TV lounge, hall kitchens, multi-purpose room and laundries dot the facility.

Carefully planned site work preserved the wooded hillside.

One challenge was the site’s hourglass-shaped, heavily wooded hillside site, which dropped 60 feet from end to end. We carefully planned site work to reduce erosion and preserve the existing western tree canopy. Within the natural landscape, a pedestrian friendly circulation path connects the housing to the existing campus. It’s a sustainable, high-performance campus addition that will enhance the university’s appeal and grow the student population for years to come.

Green Features

Leed Certification Logo
  • LEED® Gold Certified – 42 points (v2.2). Exceeded contractual requirement for LEED Silver Certification.
  • Water Conservation – Reduced water use by 39 percent.
  • Energy Conservation – Reduced energy use by 14 percent.
  • Materials – 20 percent of building materials came from recycled sources, and 37 percent were produced regionally. Diverted 82 percent of construction waste from landfills.
  • Awarded a U.S. Government Energy Efficient Design Tax Deduction

Leed Certification


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