Safe, reliable and environmentally responsible utilities are an important cornerstone for every community and business.

Ensuring standards is as important as stewardship.

Aging and inadequate infrastructure, heightened regulation and water scarcity challenge the day-to-day work of managing water and wastewater collection, treatment and distribution. That’s why we pair utility design and construction expertise with thoughtful creativity and hard work. Haskell’s collaborative, value-focused approach helps municipalities provide pure, uncompromised water, protect public health and welfare, and ensure vital environmental stewardship.

Proper water and wastewater management strengthens your business.

Once water is out of sight, it can often go out of mind. Over the last decade, the food, beverage and consumer goods industries have realized that this is no longer acceptable. After understanding how properly filtering, reusing or capturing water helps you conserve, you now have to decide what happens to your water after it serves its production-related purpose and becomes a waste stream.

You can invest to treat your water on-site, or you can pay your public utility to do it. Which option is best for your facility? It’s important to be aware of the options.

Haskell’s experts can help you determine the right strategy for your facility:

  • Discharge directly to the municipal sewer system
  • Pretreat water prior to discharge into the municipal sewer system
  • Fully treat wastewater and privately discharge
  • Treat wastewater for reuse in your facility

Each of these options has a place in the industry. Let us help you determine which will work best for the future of your facility.

We meet challenges with innovative solutions.

Haskell has earned a reputation for excellence in the delivery of water and wastewater related projects through design-build and construction management at-risk. We apply deep understanding and an extensive breadth of resources to tackle even the most complex projects. With a single point of responsibility, we break through the complications and provide you with a clearly better solution that fits your community’s unique needs.


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