Being able to travel safely takes impeccably planned and carefully constructed infrastructure — two well-traveled areas of our corporate resume.

New approaches drive new levels of performance.

America’s roads and bridges are not only deteriorating; many are fast approaching the end of their design life. The condition and performance of our transportation infrastructure has degraded to such an extent that quality of life is continuously diminished. Earnest and widespread rehabilitation must begin.

Work with an in-house team from planning to wheels on the ground.

Successful civil infrastructure means knowing how to manage the planning, engineering and construction of a project; whether a bridge, highway, port facility, reinforced concrete box (RCB) structure, retaining or sound wall, or other project. We help you navigate the funding, regulatory and program management challenges of your project with confidence and certainty.

Our team and capability have expanded.

Haskell’s acquisition of Benham, a Haskell Company in 2016 further strengthens our transportation capability with the addition of industry leading civil infrastructure solutions in freeway/highway design, traffic and transportation planning and structural design of bridges and other special structures. For more information on Benham and our wider transportation capabilities, click here.

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